Advanced Configurable Color Filters

Mulitply Colors

You can set following factors to multiply each different color channel by it corresponding factor value.

  • Multiply red channel:

    Factor to multiply the red channel.

  • Multiply green channel:

    Factor to multiply the green channel.

  • Multiply blue channel:

    Factor to multiply the blue channel.

  • Multiply alpha channel:

    Factor to multiply the alpha channel.

Multiply global intesity

Mulitply each color channel (red, green and blue) by the given factor.

Set image in color tone

You can select a color to set the entire image in this color tone.

The color tone is applied to the image by following steps:

  1. Computing the image mean value for every channel.
  2. Dividing each given color by the corresponding mean value from each channel.
  3. Multiply each channel by the result from step 2.

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