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The OpenCV library provide over 300 algorithms for computer vision purpose.

The OpenCV libary was introduced in 1999 and adopted as primary development tool for computer vision by researcher and developers in computer vision.

OpenCV was originally developed at Intel by a team lead by Gary Bradsky as an initiative to advanced research in vision and promote the development of rich vision, CPU-intensiv applications.

  1. 2006 first major release of OpenCV.
  2. 2009 second major release of OpenCV.
  3. 2012 reshape from OpenCV to a non-profit foundation


Thank’s to all the contributors of the OpenCV libary for providing us this exceptional tool.


  • OpenCV Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook from Robert Langarnière at Packt Publishing.
  • Learning Image Processing with OpenCV from multi-authors at Packt Publishing.
  • OpenCV Computer Vision with Python from Joseph Howse at Packt Publishing.

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