E.D.I.P the Easy Digital Imaging Processing program

Author:Eddie Br├╝ggemann <mrcyberfighter@gmail.com>

E.D.I.P presentation

Edip is an easy to use image effects processing programme with severals functionnalities.

Edip permit to:

  • Rotate your image over 90┬░ to the left or to the right.
  • Mirror your image, so that:
    • The left side from your image is copy, mirror likewise, on the right side.
    • The right side from your image is copy, mirror likewise, on the left side.
    • The upper part of your image is copy, mirror likewise, on the bottom part.
    • The bottom part of your image is copy, mirror likewise, on the upper part.
  • Zoom on a selected center or the default image center.
  • Flipping your image.
    • From left to right.
    • From right to left.
    • From up to down.
    • From down to up.

Edip permit to change the image color intensity and some phenomenal color spaces settings.

  • Color intensity
    • You can set the red intensity.
    • You can set the green intensity.
    • You can set the blue intensity.
    • You can set the global intensity.
  • Phenomenal color spaces settings
    • You can set the Lightness from your image.
    • You can set the Hue from your image.
    • You can set the Saturation from your image.
    • You can set the Brightness from your image.

Edip permit to apply severals built-in filters to your image by simply selecting the wanted filter in the list and pressing the apply button.

The built-in filters are divide into 3 differents categories:

  • normal filters

    You can apply over 30 differents filters to your image.

  • Grayscaling filters

    You can grayscale your image according 6 differents algorithms.

  • Colorscaling filters

    You can colorscale your image in 6 differents colors (red, green, blue, yellow, pink, turquoise) according differents algorithms for every color.

In addition Edip provide many fully configurable filters which you can apply to your image:

  • Kernel filters.
  • Photography filters.
  • Morphological filters.
  • Canny filter.
  • Color contours filter.
  • Multiply colors.
  • Multiply global intensity.
  • Set image in color tone.

Edip provide some basic draw functionalities to draw onto your image in the wanted color with the wanted thickness or to fill your form.

  • Polylines.
  • Rectangle.
  • Circle.
  • Ellipse.
  • Polygone: normal or strikethrough.
  • Star: normal, strikethrough, flower likewise, stroked.
  • Text.


Author:Eddie Bruggemann

Thank's to my beloved mother, my family and to the doctors.

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