This functionality of program:it-edit provide a minimal text editor as neighbor window from your source file editing editor,

with all the basic functionalities of an editor, reachable to the it-edit usual ways and shortcuts.

This mini-multipurpose-editor is configurable in terms of:

  • Schemes.
  • Language highlight (using a simple markup language can be useful).
  • Language used for the spell check of misspelled words.

This tool can perform some actions on the mini-multipurpose-editor content:

  • Import a file content: the source language is automatically detected, set and stored as language.
  • Export the content to an external file.
  • Save the content without passing trough a file.

All the spell checking functionalities of it-edit are provided too

into this aside mini-multipurpose-editor.

This mini-multipurpose-editor can be easy opened by simply pressing a button into the main button bar or

by using the menu item Action ‣ multipurpose editor.

It can be used for the purpose you want, as per example:

  • Plan your program.

  • Write a task list.

  • Write a "todo" file.

  • Use it as note taker.

  • Use it as task reminder.

    You can per example keep it open to parallelize your work with a ChangeLog file,

    which syntax highlight is provided as all the syntax highlights from it-edit.

Or for what ever you think this tool can be useful for you.

By opening the mini-multipurpose-editor it isn’t maximize but a window contains a button bar and an editor

from a reasonable size is opened.

You can easy minimize, maximize or resize the window as you want.