Spell check

it-edit spell check features

it-edit provide 2 different spell check methods:

  • In-line spell check:

    The in-line spell check mechanism is to underline the misspelled words and to provides corrections

    by setting the cursor over the misspell word and opening the contextual menu from it-edit.

    The contextual menu include then a Spelling suggestion menu item, from which you can choose

    to correct the misspelled word: the word is automatically replaced with the word you’ve chosen.

  • Spell check dialog:

    it-edit provide a dialog window which will check the entire current edited file buffer.

Using it-edit spell check

You can enable or disable the in-line spell check by using:

  • The menu item: Edition ‣ Inline spell check.
  • The button.
  • The shortcut: Ctrl + W.

You can display the spell check dialog window using the:

  • The menu item: Actions ‣ Spell check dialog.
  • The button.
  • The shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + W.

it-edit spell check support

it-edit use the gspell-1 library for providing spell check.

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it-edit and gspell-1 library:

Actually the gspell-1 library is relative young, so not available in every repository.

So where ever you get the spell check functionality into it-edit depends on what version

of gtk-3 you get.

Because the gspell-1 library is only available with >= gtk-+3.20.

note:You can get gtk+-3.22 and gspell-1 currently with the ppa gnome3-staging for debian packages or by debian distributions through the “sid” repository.

gspell-1 has the advantages:

  • To be compatible with the gtksourceview-3 library contextual menu.
  • To provide a spell check dialog has widget.
  • To have a good language selection mechanism.

See also

gspell-1 library

gspell provides a flexible API to add spell checking to a GTK+ application. It
* GObject wrappers around Enchant
* An inline spell checker for GtkTextView (enhanced version of GtkSpell)
* A spell checker dialog for GtkTextView
* Support of the no-spell-check tag defined by GtkSourceView
* Language choosers (button and dialog)

So we know that gspell is based on enchant:

Enchant is a generic spell checking library which uses existing spell checker
engines such as ispell, aspell and myspell as its backends.

Enchant steps in to provide uniformity and conformity on top of these libraries,
and implement certain features that may be lacking in any individual provider

So for getting dictionaries compatibles with the gspell-1 library simply download either or:

  • aspell
  • ispell
  • myspell

dictionnaries in the wanted language(s).


Big Thanks to the author of the gpsell-1 library Sébastien Wilmet which I get some form of familiarity within.

Sébastien Wilmet:
 is the author of the Texilla Latex editor and maintainer of the gtksourceview-3 library and participate in many other projects like gedit.