it-edit provides:

A sidebar terminals

it-edit provides terminals in the same window as the editor, as a sidebar, which can easily shown, hidden and pull as you want.

You can add and remove as many terminals as you want to the sidebar.

A full-screen terminal

it-edit provides a big terminal occupying the full interface, dividable into 4 re-sizable terminals, to which you can easy toggle from the main window.

Top-level terminals

it-edit provides a top-level terminal window (so it can be resize, minimize, maximize and closed),

At first you will be prompt to enter a command.

After the execution of the command the top-level terminal is yours and can continue to enter commands.

Contextual menu from the terminals

  • Copy from terminal
  • Paste to terminal

  • Decrease font
  • Increase font

  • Reset terminals


By the sidebar terminals the items:

  • Open new tab
  • Close tab

Are added to the contextual menu.