battle-rage fighters

All fighters have some properties:

  • Speed
  • Aggressiveness
  • Force
  • Resistance


The speed indicate the speed the fighter moves forward or backward.

And how much (speed / 3.75) the fighter advance in direction to the adversary when he give a kick.

note:The speed values are comprise between: [10-15].


This property is only take into account when the fighter is the computer.

And indicate how aggresive the fighter is.

note:The aggressiveness value is a percent.


The force indicate how much damage the fighter inflict to his adversary minus the adversary resistance.

note:The fighter force is comprise between [0.80-1.30].


The fighter resistance indicate how much life points the fighter he will lose when he receive a kick.

note:The resistance value is comprise between: [0.75-1.25].


When the fighter kick the ass of his adversary and this one is not protected

The life points from the adversary are reduce in this manner:

([Value of the kick] × [force]) - ([Resistance common value] × [resistance]) ;