battle-rage: the game

The presentation screen

battle-rage starts with the presentation screen after checking a joystick is right plugged.


The first time you launch battle-rage or every time you plug a new joystick model,

you must configure the joystick.

A joystick configuration screen will appear to do so.

Pressing ESCAPE in the presentation window is the only way to quit the game.

Else if you press ESCAPE you will return to the presentation screen.

You can navigate through the items using the directional pad from your joystick,

and confirm by pressing a joystick button or ENTER into the menus and to quit the interludes.

The joystick configuration screen


At first you will have to press the button corresponding to the blinking button on the screen.

  • A
  • B
  • X
  • Y

And then the same with the directional pad in every directions:

  • Right.
  • Left.
  • Up.
  • Down.

The main menu

The main menu is composed from following items:

  • Play
    • Player vs Computer.
    • Player vs Player.
    • Computer vs Computer.
  • Configure game.
  • Reconfigure joystick.
  • Read Notice.
note:Selecting directly Play or Player vs Computer is the same.

Configure game

The configure game menu is composed from following settable items:

  • Game difficulty: EASY / NORMAL / HARD / MISC.
  • Game speed: SLOW / NORMAL / FAST.
  • Game sounds: ON / OFF.
  • Game music: ON / OFF.
  • Save and Exit.
  • Exit without saving.
difficulty:The MISC mode set all properties from all Fighters to the same value.

Reconfigure joystick

Will permit you to reconfigure a joystick if you have made an error during the primary configuration.

Read notice

Will launch this notice into your web browser.

The choose fighter screen

Here you can select a fighter as:

  • Player.
  • Adversary.
  • Computer player.

With the arrows of the directional pad of your joystick.

Pressing RETURN (Enter) will activate the random fighter selection.


All joystick combinations are explain here and you can pause the game by pressing the SPACE bar.