battle-rage notice

Author:Brüggemann Eddie <>
Release:October 10, 2016
Copyright:Brüggemann Eddie 2016 (C) GPLv3.

battle-rage: the battle rages on !


battle-rage is a fighting game providing 16 different fighters,

with all having different properties and sort of kicks:

playable with joystick(s),

and you can play: against the computer like another player and let the computer fight against the computer.


You must have a joystick to control battle-rage.

And the keyboard is a little bit used: per example for pausing the game you must press the Space Bar.

battle-rage different fighters properties

battle-rage provide a choice of 16 different fighters which all have some different values

for the following listed properties:

Some of the fighters are equipped with weapons from different kind: a baton, a bag, a hand fan,...

and some others does fight entirely with the feets and the hands.