Note about the copyright and ownership of images and sound files of battle-rage:

I want to clarify some legal aspect of resources used in the game battle-rage.

The images from the fighters (the personages), are issue from the game NeoGeo Battle Coliseum,

and I have download the image files from the website

without knowing that this website provide ripped resources from video games,

and I though to be in the legality by free downloading this resources.

As soon as I discover that the images are ownership from the firm SNK and the fact that I distribute with this games,

without any permission from SNK.

I contact the website, on their own forum under the username spritesuser,

to query them about the legality of the resources they provided.

They've answer me that I can't make a legal usage from their resources, which they distribute.

So on, I post immediately a recommendation on the forum of the website

an HOW-TO upload files with good sens, in respect of the law, and the ownership of the resources.

Following that when I come to reconnect me on the I sea my account banned for the reason: Spam,

which cannot be lift, so forever, (I think) because I preach the right sens onto their forum of resources legality.

After what I contact the abuse service which host this website, to warn them about the fact that this site distribute illegal resources.

Then I contact the cops anonymously on their web service for signaling irregularities on the web.

After having discuss into forums about my misadventure, the other members tells me

that it's tolerate to use this sort of resource into little games like battle-rage.

But, because I'm narrow minded, I finally contact the firm SNK,

telling them my misadventure, and for discussing about the problem for finding a legal solution.

The firm SNK never answers to my mail,...

I think SNK don't mind that little programmers like me use their resources illegally,

so the conclusion is, that this practice are done and tolerate but still illegal.

I recognize entirely that the images from the personages of battle-rage are ownership of the firm SNK,

and disclaim according the circumstance all responsibility for having used illegal resource into my game.

Because I was abuse by a website in which I trust the integrity.

If the game battle-rage give some fun to a few hundred or thousand people in the world and after all the work

of renaming, sorting and sequencing the images for including them into a hard work program

and the fact that the firm SNK doesn't answers when you recognize yourself making usage of their files

for finding a legal solution to the problem, I can only say that's not my fault if I was abuse.

Because I was abuse by the website and incite to the crime by this one.

So if you make usage of resource issue from websites and you don't find any license deliver with the files be aware

of the legality of what you are doing, before doing it.

N.B: This is the case for the personages used in battle-rage, and maybe some other resources used in this program.

I want finally say: that the resources like icons and any others resources in all of my others programs are either under free license copyright or self-build.

Thanks for your comprehension.