SDL2_gfxutils presentation

platform:Linux, Windows and Posix compliant (not tested).
compiler:gcc, g++, clang, mingw32, mingw-w64-686, mingw-w64-x86_64.
synopsis:SDL2_gfxutils a SDL2_gfx forms generating and manipulating helper functions set
author:Eddie Brüggemann <>

SDL2_gfxutils brief history

SDL2_gfxutils is issue from an collection of functions that i have implemented over the years, everytime i had a idea of a form to generate i try to implemented it as a function generating the sequence of coordinates or performing operations on a form. At start i implemented my ideas with the python pygame module, which is based on the SDL library, by start i get only the functions to set a pixel according the a radius and an angle offset, so SDL2_gfxutils is a translation of python functions into the C language and the SDL2_gfx standart.

SDL2_gfxutils has been entirely rewritten after the first version release which suffers under severals bugs and was not handy to use, mostly for animations.

note:After the disaster everything are right.

The new implementation from SDL2_gfxutils

All forms generating functions now return a pointer on a specific SDL2_gfxutils type compatible with the generic SDL2_gfxutils Form type.

The pointers permit to manipulate the forms for transforming or animating (rotating, scaling, translating, mirroring) functions easily.

The pointers can be destroyed at your convienence of course. And this mechanic is massively used in form generating functions. So that no memory space is lost.

The generic Form type has been change to contains coordinates from type float, instead of type int16_t, so that the computation like rotating, scaling, translating, mirroring are now exactly executed.

The subtype Pixel members are now from type float.

  • Some functions have been removed because they become useless, because of the new pointers system.
  • Some functions have been added for replacing the missing features, with many advantages, mostly for transforming or animating forms in the SDL2 mainloop.
  • All functions have been improved, favor of the pointers mechanic.

SDL2_gfxutils presentation

SDL2_gfxutils is en extension for the SDL2_gfx library helping you for the creation of the fantastics drawing your brain can imagined.

SDL2_gfxutils provide severals functions for severals usages:

  • A lot of forms generating functions, from the simple polygons, through stars, to the fantastic fractals.
  • High-level Transforming or animating functions (rotating, scaling, translating and mirroring) acting on an entire Form.
  • Low-level Transforming or animating functions (rotating, scaling, translating and mirroring) acting on a single Pixel.
  • Memory management and check functions.
note:I think it’s easy to adapt the SDL2_gfxutils library to be compatible with others libraries than the SDL2 library.

Operations functions which transform a form:

  • Rotation of a Form around his center from the wanted degrees.
  • Scaling of a Form from the wanted factor.
  • Translation of a Form from the wanted x and y values.
  • Mirroring over the X or Y axes according to an center point.

Form setters functions which change the settings of a form

  • Setting a new center of a Form with optionally translating all coordinates.
  • Setting a new radius what equal to scaling a Form except that instead a factor you can set a new size directly.
  • Setting a new color for the Form or a Line.

Form getters functions to get settings of a form

  • Getting the current Form center value.

  • Getting the current Form color.

  • Getting the current Form length (often the radius).

  • Getting the current Form orientation (offset defining the incline of a Form).

  • Getting the current Form real_length (value defining the distance between the center and the most distant coordinate from the center).


    You can use this member to build bounding boxes for collision detection per example.

Displaying forms functions

Each Form type has specific displaying functions.

Use each Form specific displaying function else the result will be undefined.

note:But you can use the displaying function you want to display a Form, something the output is surprising.


For every displaying function it exist a thickness setttable displaying function and an anti-aliasing displaying function except for the filled forms functions.


In the 2D display from SDL2: the X axes goes from left to right and the Y axes from up to down.

For the multiple used orientation parameter from type float. Sea the following image to become acquainted with the values and with the conventional angle values.

note:You can sea that 3 o’clock represent 0 degrees.

Animations advice

Polygon and forms are not only displayable object but can also be an guideline for the execution of an animation which moving a form trough the way of the lines from the polygon or the form.

SDL2_gfxutils provide an function compute_trajectory() with which you can construct an moving line by moving a form through the pixels of the positions array by translating it with the translate_form() function.

SDL2_gfxutils Documentation License

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SDL2_gfxutils License


SDL2_gfxutils is under copyright from the GNU General Public License.

SDL2_gfxutils a SDL2_gfx forms generating and manipulating helper functions set.

Copyright (©) 2016 Brüggemann Eddie <>.

SDL2_gfxutils is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify

it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by

the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or

(at your option) any later version.

SDL2_gfxutils is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License

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