About libaescprintf

At first I often try myself to find the generic function into termcap to get the colors and styles codes

for building a library compliant with any terminal and I fail to find it...

So I often try to get some help from a terminal dinosaur which master termcap or termios to

make a more generic library.

But nobody HOME...


I can do more with terminal Sequences as displaying a True Color image (RGB) into a terminal

(xterm, terminals build with libvte-2.91 on GNU/Linux)

But I must reduce the cursor to the minimum size

for doing this but I can’t restore a normal cursor size...

enjoy:So enjoy using libaescprintf for ANSI art as I enjoy to write this little library.


libaescprintf was tested on as many terminals I could find into the repositories,

sometimes some terminals either don’t blink or don’t accept ANSI escape sequences at all.

But most of the time it works well.

It works in most of the terminals: konsole as gnome-terminal and many others.

But the old bug concern the background and the linefeed appears on some terminals:

if you set the background color other than default and set an linefeed the entire line is

background highlighted with the chosen color per example the Apple-Terminal do this one

(but the blinking effect works well with it).

Note from the author

I don’t try to reinvent the wheel but simply provide this minimalist library

in the following goals:

  1. At first to provide a lightweight library for only textual effect.
  2. To catch your attention so that someone can help me to make the library
universal, using termcap (or termios).