Working on an existing mk-project project

Open an mk-project project

For opening an existing project you can make use of the *.mkp file from your project.

  • Either by calling mk-project with the *.mkp file given as argument:

    $ mk-project /path/to/project_folder/prgname.mkp

    Or open the project within mk-project‘s G.U.I (Projects ‣ Load project).

  • By using your file manager:

    Simply click on the *.mkp file in the project folder


    Opening the *.mkp file with your file manager using the open with option.

    To open the mk-project G.U.I and loading the entire project.

  • Using the mk-project G.U.I:

    Use the menu item Projects ‣ Load project and choose the *.mkp of interest.

    To load the entire project in the mk-project G.U.I

All targets will be available according to your settings.


Else you can simply use a terminal to use the mk-project projects:

simply type make help in the project folder to sea the available targets.

Reconfiguring an existing project

Open the mk-project G.U.I and use the menu item Projects -> Reconfigure project

to open the project reconfiguring project interface.

Here you can:

  • Change some settings of your project.
  • Enable or disable some features.
  • Edit the Licensing boilerplate to prepend it to all source and header files if you want to do so.
  • Edit the desktop file boilerplate.

Adding files to your project

Open an existing project and then use the menu item Projects -> Add file(s) to project.

Then select the file(s) you want to add to your project.


Take care of the checkbutton in the file chooser !

  • You can choose to add the corresponding header file to your project.
    note:If the header file doesn’t exist it will be create.


The file(s) must be in the ./src folder or subfolders from it !

Take care to organize your project properly so that all source files still in the ./src folder from your project !

Else you can add the file(s) to your project anyway but this can break your project tree if you rename the project folder.

note:It’s better to create sub-folders from the ./src folder to organize your project properly !